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Author: FemmeJoMo     Date: May 18th, 2013     Filed In: The Morrison Review

Miz made his return to commentary on Main Event this week. During Kane’s match with Seth Rollins, he and Cole discussed the upcoming Tornado Tag Team Title match at Extreme Rules between Kane and Bryan and The Shield and Miz mentioned that he and Morrison were in a similar match. He didn’t mention his opponents, but I’m pretty sure he was talking about their Extreme Rules match with Dreamer and Delaney from ECW. It is the only ER match that I can remember them having during partnership.

I published a column about it on May 14th, 2012 for High Flying Friday, but here it is again for you to enjoy.


From Chicago, the March 11th, 2008 episode of ECW featured an Extreme Rules for the WWE Tag Team Titles. While Morrison had been in Extreme Rules matches and Dreamer is the heart and soul of the extreme, Miz and Delaney, to my knowledge, had never been in one before. After Miz and Morrison make their entrances and Delaney and Dreamer come out bringing weapons, we see a recap of what led to this match being made. Miz and JoMo attacked them the week before on ECW. While working over Dreamer, Colin snapped and saved him by beating both tag champs with a steel chair.

It starts as a wrestling match with Dreamer taking down Morrison with a side headlock. He gets out with a head-scissors. Both men get up and JoMo catches Tommy with a kick to the stomach. JoMo clubs him and then turns to attack Delaney. This allows Dreamer to attack a distracted Morrison with a few punches until Miz comes in and attacks him from behind. JoMo hits Dreamer from behind as well and Miz and Morrison double team him in the corner. Delaney’s still knocked down.

They try to whip Tommy into the corner, but he ducks and Colin cross-bodies both Miz and Morrison. Dreamer clotheslines JoMo out of the ring, and then throws Miz outside with him. He then gets on the apron and runs at both of them, hitting them with a clothesline, as the crowd chants “ECW! ECW! ECW!” He grabs them by their hair and holds them in place for Delaney who summersaults over the top and lands on both them. Dreamer throws Miz back into the ring for Delaney, while he takes on JoMo on the outside. He chokes him with the Cubs jersey he wore to the ring. JoMo reverses it and throws Dreamer into the shopping cart full of weapons outside the ring.

In the ring, Miz turns the tables on Delaney and Morrison re-enters the ring to join him. They pick him up for one of their signature double team moves – the double gut buster. With Dreamer outside and Colin down, they take a moment to show off their awesomeness and taunt the crowd. Morrison then picks up and holds Delaney and suggests Miz hits him. Miz comes off the ropes and hits a forearm on Morrison, as Delaney gets up and Tommy slides a Singapore cane in the ring for him to use. He hits the tag team champions. Dreamer re-enters the ring with the lid of the trash can and hits them both too. They take a moment to pose and show off as well.

Dreamer then places the trash can lid under JoMo as Delaney beats on Miz. Dreamer goes to the top rope and comes off with an elbow but misses and lands on the lid. While Tommy’s down, JoMo helps Miz and attacks Colin with a kick and European uppercut before picking up the cane. He hits Dreamer who is still on the mat and Delaney who is down in the corner. Not to be outdone, Miz grabs the trash lid and hits Dreamer. Weapons in hand, they again show off and posture to the crowd. They are loudly booed for their efforts.

Miz grabs Delaney and Miz and Morrison go for another one of their signature moves – the slingshot forearm into the over the top rope elbow. They try to do the same to Dreamer, but when he’s slingshotted, he stops the momentum and grabs the trash can lid out of JoMo’s hands. Tommy uses it to hit Miz. Then he places the lid on Miz’s midsection and brings Morrison back into the ring, over the top. JoMo lands right on the lid and Miz.

Dreamer next directs Colin to go to the top rope, while he looks in the trash can for something, specifically a Chicago Bears helmet. He puts it on and jumps from the top and lands on a spread-eagle JoMo. Miz gets back up and hits Dreamer and the helmet-wearing Delaney with the trash lid. While Morrison is still down, Miz whips Colin into the corner. He goes for the swinging border clothesline and Delaney ducks out of the way. He ends up upside down in the corner. They are in the “Tree of Woe.” Delaney places a trash can in front of them and holds it while Dreamer runs and hits a baseball slide into the trash can and into Miz and Morrison.

JoMo is up, but groggy. Dreamer hooks his head and waits for Delaney to grab Miz’s head. Once he does, they hit stereo DDT’s. Both men go for the first cover of the match. The ref counts and both Miz and Morrison get a foot on the ropes. Dreamer goes outside and searches under the ring. He grabs a table and slides it to Colin in the ring. Tommy grabs Miz and places him on the top turnbuckle. Morrison stops Delaney from opening the table. He then goes after Dreamer to help Miz. He smacks him on the back and climbs the turnbuckle, grabbing Tommy from behind and the side. Dreamer still has Miz hooked for a superplex. Colin gets up and grabs JoMo. He powerbombs him, while Dreamer suplexes Miz, who lands back first on the trash can lid. Delaney covers Morrison, who kicks out.

Delaney grabs Morrison and hooks his head. He looks like he’s going for a tornado DDT, but JoMo stops the momentum and throws Colin outside the ring over the top rope. Morrison grabs a trash can and throws it outside. He goes outside as well and moves Delaney. He gets on the apron, and holding the trashcan, moonsaults onto him. Crazy, beautiful, and completely hardcore. It’s the highlight of the match.

In the ring, Dreamer grabs Miz, but he kicks him to double him over and runs the ropes. He tries to hit Tommy with a running knee, but he counters it with a neck breaker. Miz is out of it and Dreamer picks him up in and attempts to throw him into a table, but Miz is able to break free. Morrison slides back into the ring and together Miz and JoMo throw Dreamer back first into the table. Miz pins Dreamer to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

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