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From his high-flying skills to his ability to make you laugh, John Hennigan is an all around great guy. From wrestler (also comedian), as well as a fitness magician, John has stepped into several amazing roles throughout his career.
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Real Name: John Randall Hennigan
WWE Ring Name: John Morrison
Birthday: October 3, 1979 (35)
Born/Billed: Los Angeles, California
Weight/Height: 6'1"/224 LBS
Trained: SPW staff, Tough Enough III trainers, and OVW Staff
Wrestling Debut: January 27, 2003
WWE Debut: April 2005
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Author: FemmeJoMo     Date: September 9th, 2012     Filed In: Cheap Plug, Flashback, Other

The Complete Dirt Sheet Episode Guide is finished. The Guide includes all the live and taped episodes, which have been numbered and correctly dated. Every segment and “Hi, I’m John Morrison…” opening is also listed, along with any special note about the show. I’ve been working on this for a while, so I’m glad it’s finally done. I believe it’s the only one out there. I’m also working on screencapping and transcribing all the episodes (You can see them at Awesome Wisdom, an archive of Miz and Morrison’s tag team legacy.)


Episode 1, 2/8/2008: Fit Finlay dancing; Kane on the Sunset Strip; Katie Holmes Cruise fan mail; Jesse, Festus, and alien abduction


Episode 2, 2/15/2008: Kofi and the end of the writer’s strike; Sisqo Benjamin; Khali’s loofah


Episode 3, 2/22/2008: Morrison likes to squeeze things; Matt Hardy missing; Festus update; Oriental v Asian; Shannon Moore; Joey Styles calls Kelly Kelly; Kelly Kelly calls Morrison; Miz and Kelly Kelly


Episode 4, 2/29/2008: Morrison can bounce quarters off his abs; Elijah Burke handpuppet; Behind the Superstar 1: CM Punk; Fashion News 


Episode 5, 3/7/2008: Morrison on a houseboat with Joan Rivers; The Dirtys; Biggest Virgin; Joey Styles calls; Best Musical Performance; Best Male Groupie; Best Internet Video; Acceptance speech


Episode 6, 3/14/2008: Morrison drives a hybrid; Dreamer-Delaney Extreme Rules match; Miz/Morrison talk to the Iron Sheik; CM Punk WM 24 MITB match; Kofi Kingston fan mail


Episode 7, 3/21/2008: The Best Of Episode; Morrison can bench 400 pounds, Miz can’t; Backstage defending & winning titles & making appearances; Morrison is a sexual jedi; CM Punk confessions from Ep. 4; Joey Styles calling Kelly Kelly from Ep. 3; Joe’s favorite episode; The Dirtys – Biggest Virgin from Ep. 5; Preview of next week


Episode 8, 3/28/2008:  The Wrestlemania Preview; Morrison would have no nickels as he looks better than everyone at Wrestlemania; Undertaker v Edge predictions with Hawkins and Ryder; Big Show v Floyd Mayweather prediction with Steven Richards; MITB Ladder Match predictions and presentation with action figures


Episode 9, 4/4/2008: Morrison could have sold his Wrestlemania jacket to Snoop Dogg; Hall of Fame fashion review; Layla calls in; Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore as Dirt Sheet Correspondents; Shannon Moore doesn’t want to be Shannon Moore


Episode 10, 4/11/2008: Morrison’s voting for both Clinton and Obama; Shannon Moore’s mother via satellite; Other reasons why Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang are rejects


Episode 11, 4/18/2008: The Dirt Sheet returns next week; Big Dick Johnson dancing


Episode 12, 4/25/2008: Morrison looks like Tarzan, but doesn’t hit like Jane; Backlash preview & predictions: 12 Diva tag team match; MVP v Matt Hardy; Big Show v Khali; Fatal Four Way for the WWE Title; Edge v Undertaker


Episode 13, 5/2/2008: Morrison convinced Madonna to adopt an English accent; Celebrating 100 episodes of ECW: The Top 10 Most Memorable Moments


Episode 14, 5/09/2008: The Canadian Episode; Morrison doesn’t like maple syrup or Canada; Comments from Canadian superstars; Talking with Canadian fans; First Mr. Fuji attack


Episode 15, 5/16/2008: First opening with The Fink; Morrison wasn’t in Iron Man because he would beat all the villains in 15 minutes; Nunzio isn’t on this week; Nunzio rants; Behind the Superstar: Kane and CM Punk; The Oreo Song


Episode 16, 5/23/2008: If Morrison were in charge of the war on terror, gas would only cost 50 cents a gallon and he would tell Miz how but then he’d have to kill him; Miz and Morrison decide to talk to Kane’s dead dad Paul Bearer; Time for a séance with Miz, Morrison, Mike Adamle, and Funaki; Adamle is not hanging out with Miz and Morrison


Episode 17, 5/30/2008: Morrison’s making short, surrealist, autobiographical film about his rise to superstardom; Miz and Morrison do some virtual reality singapore cane fighting with Big Show; Morrison knows kung fu and will use it at One Night Stand


Episode 18, 6/06/2008: Morrison found the meaning of life in a quarter while riding Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland; Miz/Morrison are in LA where they have many celebrity friends; Freddie Prinze, Jr. visits backstage and The Dirt Sheet; Michael Rapaport thinks The Dirt Sheet is awesome; Jesse hates The Dirt Sheet; Rapaport says Miz/Morrison are his favorite hosts; LA isn’t for everyone


Episode 19, 6/13/2008: Morrison once spent six months in Nepal chanting with Zen Buddhist monks; Indiana Miz and The Palace of Wisdom


Episode 20, 6/20/2008: The Australia Episode; Morrison recently learned that marsupials are indigenous to Australia; Outback survival skills adapted to surviving backstage at WWE


Episode 21, 6/27/2008: Morrison waited to give Michael Flatley the beating of his life; Miz and Morrison introduce us to The Finlay Brothers


Episode 22, 7/4/2008: Morrison waxes astrological and talks about setting a good example; Miz and Morrison look at new tag teams as a result of the draft; Hawkins and Ryder; Jesse and Festus; The Hardyz; Finlay and Hornswoggle; Morrison doesn’t let leprechauns hang out at The Palace of Wisdom  


Episode 23, 7/11/2008: Morrison went surfing naked and was awarded the key to the city; Miz and Morrison look at past tag teams; The Rock and Sock Connection; Mr. Socko; Morrison can’t smell what The Rock is cooking at The Palace of Wisdom; Shameless plug of Rock’s new DVD; The Bushwhackers; The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff


Episode 24, 7/18/2008: Morrison thinks so deep he eats religion and craps out enlightenment; Batmiz


Episode 25, 7/25/2008: Morrison’s passport photo looks amazing; The greatest tag team champions lost their titles at The Great American Bash and decide to have moment of silence to honor themselves… until Miz thinks about Santino; Miz and Morrison take over the E3 convention; Cheerleading; Practical practical applications for Wii and WWE Superstars; The Blob; The only female there; Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader; Morrison doesn’t hang out with nerds at The Palace of Wisdom; Hawkins and Ryder take over The Dirt Sheet to gloat a little


Episode 26, 8/1/2008: Morrison was omitted from the bible by the Catholic Church because they were afraid he would outshine Jesus; Teddy Long’s New Talent Initiative; Miz and Morrison mess with Stevie Richards by pretending to be Vince and Stephanie; Evan Bourne’s promos defy charisma; Transcendental Dirt Sheet enlightens Bourne; Miz and Morrison will always be the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in recent history


Episode 27, 8/5/2008: The First Live Dirt Sheet on ECW; Morrison was offered millions of dollars for pictures of himself as a baby, but he refused because John Morrison is not for sale; Mark Henry does an interview; Tony Atlas appears; They make fun of Henry; Lena Yada doesn’t find Henry attractive, but she thinks Miz and Morrison are sexy; Morrison shows off the abs and talks belt extenders; Mark Henry and Tony Atlas come out to the ring; Miz and Morrison try to calm Henry; They talk to Jeff, no Matt, Hardy; Hardy’s never been number 1 at anything and Henry agrees; Hardy comes out and says they ripped off Conan, then makes a Brokeback Mountain reference and mocks their catchphrase; We learn that Miz wrote “Be Jealous!” on a napkin; Miz and Morrison go at Hardy, but Miz gets taken out; Morrison accidentally hits Henry and gets taken out; The Dirt Sheet breaks down


Episode 28, 8/8/2008: Morrison taking off his shirt caused an earthquake; Highlights from the debut of the live Dirt Sheet; Miz interviews Jenny McCarthy without Morrison; Jenny McCarthy obviously wanted to hang out at The Palace of Wisdom; Santino did have someone bigger than Jenny on his show


Episode 29, 8/15/2008: Morrison would earn eight Olympic medals for his abs; Miz and Morrison at Summerfest (They have fans!); Miz and Morrison went to the Playboy Mansion; A list of people who couldn’t get into the Mansion; They can’t hang out at The Palace of Wisdom either; What an average person does during their weekend     


Episode 30, 8/22/2008: Morrison donated $2300 to Barack Obama – the most that can be donated by an individual; Letters from a Mizfit and Mofo; In case you don’t know, Mofo stands for Morrison Follower and if you don’t know what a Mizfit is, grow up; Bourne writes to The Miz for picking up girls; Virgins don’t get to hang out at The Palace of Wisdom; Ortiz writes to Morrison asking how to sell; Morrison was fast counted and the ref was future endeavored


Episode 31, 8/29/2008: Morrison is all of Jay-Z’s 99 problems; The start of the Miz/Morrison vs. Cryme Tyme; Bromance; Miz and Morrison talk Cryme Tyme and Word Up; “Mizfits and Mofos” debuts


Episode 32, 9/2/2008: The Second Live Dirt Sheet on ECW; Morrison beat Steven Hawkins at Parcheesi and he would have beaten Carl Sagan too if he were there; Miz and Morrison talk about the ECW Scramble Match which Miz qualified for; All the participants meet in the ring; Mark Henry; Chavo Guerrero; Morrison keeps the peace; The Finlay Brothers via satellite; Finlay and Hornswoggle; Matt Hardy; The Miz tries to keep control, The Dirt Sheet breaks down (again)


Episode 33, 9/5/2008: Morrison climbed Mt. Everest to drink a diet soda. Why? Because it’s a cool, refreshing place to do it and he’s John Morrison, that’s why; Highlights from the live Dirt Sheet; A look at Miz’s opponents in the ECW Championship Scramble match


Episode 34, 9/12/2008: Morrison says if God had 2 sons, he’d be the better looking one; Miz and Morrison give Cryme Tyme more fitting nicknames; Cryme Tyme gets served; A look at Teddy Long’s New Superstar Initiative on ECW, which puts Miz and Morrison to sleep;  Miz dreams about The Glamazon and covers


Episode 35, 9/19/2008: Morrison says Hurricane Morrison would be more powerful than Ike and Katrina; Miz and Morrison address Cryme Tyme calling them posers; A look at The Colons; A name for The Colons’ new finisher; A look at Vladimir Kozlov; Jeff Hardy’s training video; Closing the show with Russian accents


Episode 36, 9/26/2008: Morrison thought Nancy Grace was a man for 6 months; Another look at the New Superstar Initiative; NERDS!; Meeting Shad and JTG’s fathers; Nerds don’t get to hang out at The Palace of Wisdom; Miz and Morrison let Cryme Tyme know they are the best tag team in the WWE


Episode 37, 10/3/2008: Morrison played a 2 hour game of Monopoly with Adam West; Sneezerman; The Hurricane pops in


Episode 38, 10/10/2008: Morrison is the reason why Chuck Norris stopped making movies; True stories about JTG from backstage; Word of the Day: Stupid; True stories about Shad from backstage; The Hurricane pops in again


Episode 39, 10/17/2008: Morrison is so tan that he could The Pope; The Hurricane pops in again; Miz and Morrison are not amused; They spoof him and give him some new nicknames; Cryme Tyme and Kelly Kelly; The Hurricane returns again; Real Men of Greatness: Captain Highpants; They don’t wear their pants that high at The Palace of Wisdom


Episode 40, 10/24/2008: Morrison convinced a jack rabbit to eat a ham on rye; Shad’s beach photo shoot and the consequences; Miz and Morrison ask the fans to vote for them vs. Cryme Tyme at Cyber Sunday  


Episode 41, 10/28/2008: The Third Live Dirt Sheet on ECW; Morrison’s bejeweled abs are worth enough to deport every illegal alien in the city; The Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century, Miz/Morrison will take on The Greatest Tag Team of the 20th Century, D-X; What Miz and Morrison were doing when D-X formed in 1997; What the 2 teams have done since; The Miz and Morrison-approved Dirt Sheet Political Ad, sponsored by the People for The Palace of Wisdom; They bring out D-X impersonators and beat them up


Episode 42, 10/31/2008: Morrison says that a group of people sent $150,000 on a wardrobe for him that he’s going to return later; Highlights from the Live Dirt Sheet; Real Men of Greatness: Mr. Sneezerman


Episode 43, 11/7/2008: Morrison says to make it in this business, you’ve got to have a catchphrase; All the girls are hungry for Peanut Butter and Johnny; Hawkins and Ryder; Ryder’s new catchphrase; Recap of Miz and Morrison vs. D-X from Raw


Episode 44, 11/14/2008: Morrison thinks The Marine is the worst movies he’s ever seen; Cena in Saw 5; Morrison puts himself in Cena’s return video


Episode 45, 11/21/2008: Morrison was asked to be Obama’s spiritual advisor; A look inside the heads of their opponents at Survivor Series; Morrison’s superkick is called The Nitro Blast


Episode 46, 11/28/2008: Morrison was called by Emeril Lagasse for his turkey basting secrets; What WWE superstars are thankful for this Thanksgiving; Hawkins and Ryder; Dolph Ziggler; Evan Bourne; DJ Gabriel; Ricky Ortiz; Mr. Fuji; Hacksaw Jim Duggan; Miz; Morrison


Episode 47, 12/5/2008: Morrison is going to get Brittney Spears back in shape for her comeback; Dissing Techcrunch; Slammy Predictions; Shared brain moment; Best Beard Nominees; The Beard Song


Episode 48, 12/12/2008: New Opening; Morrison allows churches to exist because he doesn’t want people praying at The Palace of Wisdom; Miz and Morrison show off their Slammys; Highlights from their Slammy speech; Evan Bourne’s Slammy Award acceptance speech; Making fun of Truth’s rapping; The Undertaker talks not being nominated for Superstar of the Year; The Damn! Slammy moment


Episode 49, 12/19/2008: The Holiday Edition; Morrison has six presents for us all, his abs; Miz and Morrison show off their Slammys and World Tag Team Titles; Pictures of them winning the titles; Tony Atlas and Jeff Hardy’s outfits; Miz and Morrison’s trip to Iraq; Santa via satellite; If Santa came to The Palace of Wisdom Morrison would be him up with candy canes


Episode 50, 12/26/2008: Morrison sold the rights to his life story to Miramax for “It’s a Wonderful Life, Part 2”; Remembering WWE’s Future Endeavored; Zack Ryder


Episode 51, 12/30/2008: The Fourth Live Dirt Sheet on ECW; Morrison was hired by Oprah to help her lose some holiday weight; Miz and Morrison give everyone new cars – not really; They had a great 2008, but have goals for 2009; Miz and Morrison’s New Years’ resolutions; Miz and Morrison both want to win the Rumble and fight over the Miz’s weight: Other Superstar’s Resolutions; Evan Bourne; John Cena; Batista; HHH; Finlay; The life span of leprechauns and how they are like dogs; Finlay and Hornswoggle come out; They take out Finlay and Hornswoggle retreats; The Boogeyman is back;  The Dirt Sheet breaks down


Episode 52, 1/2/2009: Morrison uses the right side of his brain 65% more than the average American; Miz is sad and feels there is nothing to look forward to; Morrison cheers him up; Highlights from the Live Dirt Sheet; Miz and Morrison are going after every title in 2009; The Palace of Wisdom is going to save the environment and Miz, Morrison, and Chuck Norris will restore our faith in humanity


Episode 53, 1/9/2009: Morrison says if you look for him on YouTube, you’ll find over 18,400 videos about him; WWE Superstars remake famous viral videos; Chocolate Rain with Kane; Evan Bourne as The Star Wars Kid; Santino and My New Haircut; Leave Cena alone


Episode 54, 1/16/2009: Morrison talks about protecting the tropical rainforest; Miz calls him a nerd; Evan Bourne and Ricky Ortiz review Beyond Enemy Lines: Columbia; If Miz and Morrison were in Beyond Enemy Lines


Episode 55, 1/23/2009: Morrison is the reason why Elvis is dead, as he was so jealous of him that he ate himself to death with peanut butter and banana sandwiches, not peanut butter and Johnny sandwiches; Stereotypical Royal Rumble speeches; The 2nd Generation Superstars have a good chance; Miz and Morrison wonder what happened to earning your contract (on television); The Colons call in and are interviewed


Episode 56, 1/30/2009: The One Year Anniversary of The Dirt Sheet (52nd Taped Episode); Morrison won a lawn mower and Miracle Grow on The Price is Right; Punjabi Dog Millionaire


Episode 57, 2/6/2009: Morrison would have changed the outcome of the Super Bowl if he was an AZ Cardinal; Ninjas are good at everything; Legacy talk; Legacy on Talk Soup; Who wants to join them


Episode 58, 2/13/2009: Morrison knows that all the ladies watching would rather be with him than whoever they will be with for Valentine’s Day; Tommy Dreamer’s blog; Morrison wrote his own blog in response; Miz found in Cody’s Valentine’s gift; Preview of the 2nd Dirty Awards; The Colon’s “Doin’ the Butt”


Episode 59, 2/20/2009: Miz and Morrison went to the Oscars, so it’s a replay of Batmiz


Episode 60, 2/27/2009: Morrison thinks Hugh Jackman is Australian for poopy award show host; The 2nd Dirtys; Biggest Virgin; Best Original Musical Performance; Most Oil; Biggest Chin; Best Internet Video; Scotty Goldman got fired


Episode 61, 3/6/2009: Morrison drinks the world’s most expensive cup of coffee; Miz tries some; Apology to Tommy Dreamer; Miz drinking that coffee was a bad idea; Legends respond to Chris Jericho


Episode 62, 3/13/2009: Morrison says that there’s scientific proof that drinking dark beers is good for your gum health; Jack Swagger and Kung Fu Naki celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; “I love Primo”


Episode 63, 3/17/2009: The Fifth Live Dirt Sheet on ECW; Morrison now knows where they getting the expression “Everything’s fatter (bigger) in Texas”; Miz and Morrison ask The Bellas why they choose them; Highlights of the World Tag Title match with The Colons; Miz and Morrison impersonate The Colons; The Colons turn The Dirt Sheet into Carlito’s Cabana; The WWE and World Tag Team Title unification match is set for Wrestlemania 25; Brie Bella gets spit on; The Bellas break up and choose their respective teams


Episode 64, 3/20/2009: Morrison runs across rooftops and jumps over cars in his spare time; Evan Bourne’s return; Evan meets Jack Swagger; Nerds still aren’t allowed at The Palace of Wisdom; Which one is Tony Atlas; Highlights from the live Dirt Sheet


Episode 65, 3/27/2009: Morrison says his art show piece is an invitation to discuss the intricacies of the universe; Carlito and Primo take over The Dirt Sheet and present a special edition of Carlito’s Cabana; Primo and Carlito talk about the special guest lumberjacks; Miz and Morrison get to make some comments about them as well


Episode 66, 4/3/2009: Morrison performed “Welcome to the Jungle” at his 6th grade talent show; Miz and Morrison address The Colon’s taking over The Dirt Sheet; How Miz and Morrison ended up with The Bellas and their date; How their Unified Tag Match was made and became a lumberjack match; Miz and Morrison get serious and make “300” movie references


Episode 67, 4/10/2009: Morrison one time drank a gallon of Muscle Milk in 15 minutes; Tragedy has struck and their tag team titles have been stolen; The losers of Wrestlemania; The Bourne twins; Evan’s Dad and Miz’s Mom hit it off at the WM After Party; Morrison is hysterical; Miz’s Mom likes nerds; Morrison teases Miz about the situation; Miz gets defensive


Episode 68, 4/17/2009: GTX opening; Morrison once drove his car 700 miles on a tank filled with his own urine; The WWE Draft is coming up and they could be split; Morrison could go to Raw and Miz could go to FCW; Miz has had enough of Morrison’s teasing; The Dirt Sheet has a new sponsor; Some of the failed GTX auditions


Episode 69, 4/24/2009: The first Miz-less Dirt Sheet; GTX opening; Morrison was once stuck with a loser of a tag team partner and wasted a year of his life; Highlights from The Draft; Miz and Morrison break-up; Morrison is the metaphoric #1 Contender to the WHC; Miz is looking for things to fall back on post-WWE; Morrison isn’t mad at Miz, but feels bad for him


Episode 70, 5/1/2009: The first Morrison-less Dirt Sheet; GTX opening; Miz thought Morrison’s show was brilliant (sarcastically); Miz compares Morrison to others; Miz says at The Palace of Wisdom, coolness is the outsider and nerdiness reigns supreme; Without Miz, Morrison’s Dirt Sheet would have looked like his movie; Miz wishes Morrison the best in his Future Endeavors and says that he will be a footnote on his HOF career DVD set


Episode 71, 5/15/2009: GTX opening; Morrison killed a shark with a spork; Miz and Morrison go back and forth; More failed GTX auditions; What Miz and Morrison lost


Episode 72, 6/12/2009: GTX opening; Morrison wouldn’t beam himself anywhere, because that’s just lazy; Miz and Morrison side by side; Star Trek – nerdy or popular culture?; Morrison knows a Klingon girl and so does Miz; Morrison wants details; Miz eventually spills; Who will get the last word


Episode 73, 7/24/2009: GTX opening; Morrison had a steak dinner with Obama; Miz and Morrison trade barbs; More failed GTX auditions; Morrison wonders how Miz is still employed; Miz’s Mom; Nerd talk


Episode 74, 8/21/2009: GTX opening; Morrison-less Dirt Sheet; Miz is back on Raw; Miz’s new game show and attempt to find a new opponent


Episode 75, 7/11/2009: GTX opening; The Last Taped Dirt Sheet and First Palace of Wisdom; Morrison says that if there was a children’s book about him, the moral would be “Don’t make John Morrison angry”; Story time – Mizerella with his Fairy God Ziggler


Episode 76, 10/16/2009: The Last Live Dirt Sheet on Smackdown; Miz and Morrison meet as the US and I-C Champs respectively; Morrison is going to prove why being I-C Champ is superior at Bragging Rights; Introduction to Bragging Rights; Great pairs who have broken up; The Rockers; Who is the Michaels and who is the Jannetty; What Miz reminds Morrison of; Husky Miz; Smackdown vs. Raw; Miz is awesome and carried Morrison; Morrison wants to stop talking and get physical; The Dirt Sheet breaks down and ends in a confrontation between Miz and Morrison     


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