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Author: FemmeJoMo     Date: April 13th, 2012     Filed In: High Flying Friday


I would say Ziggler is Morrison’s second greatest rival (with Miz being first.) Since their first meeting in July 2009, they’ve had dozens of show stealing matches on Raw, Smackdown, PPV, and at house shows. Their US Title matches last fall during the Raw tour in the US and Europe were highly praised by everyone who saw them and were frequently proclaimed the “Match of the Night.” I saw them wrestle at the September 3rd, 2011 Trenton, NJ Raw house show, and yes, it was the best match of the night.

The match I’m profiling this week didn’t take place in 2001, but during a Smackdown taping in Philadelphia on November 20th, 2009. Philly is my hometown, but I wasn’t there to see it. At the time, I just started watching wrestling again and was more of a casual fan. After watching this match, I’m really sorry I missed seeing it live. This match was recommended by someone on Twitter, I can’t remember who it was now. However, I would like to thank them for the suggestion, but I enjoyed this match. It’s a perfect TV title match.

This was the fifth time Morrison and Ziggler met in a singles match, so it was still pretty early in their rivalry. You can really see how far they’ve both come since 2009. In this match, they were fighting for JoMo’s Intercontinental Championship. While McIntyre would eventually beat Morrison for it, Ziggler came close on a couple of occasions and this was one of them. In addition to this being a championship match, it was also a two out of three falls match, something that is rare to see these days. Ziggler and JoMo are the perfect guys to pull it off, as they have the endurance and athleticism needed. Also, it was a set up to that Sunday’s Survivor Series, where both men were on opposing teams. While Morrison captained his team and Ziggler was a member of Team Miz.

There are many times when I’ve been proud to be a Philly wrestling fan. This is one of them. The reaction Morrison gets from the crowd makes me happy. Even now, he’s still pretty popular here. I think it’s because Philly is one place in the US where the lucha style of wrestling is popular. JoMo’s not a luchador, but he does share a number of similarities with those wrestlers, from the flamboyant outfits, entrance, and persona to the quick-paced, high-flying offense.

I have to confess having a great appreciation of Matt Striker’s commentary. He has this way of describing a wrestler that makes them sound completely amazing. For example, as Morrison’s doing his pre-match in-ring ritual, Striker calls him “physically gifted and disturbingly seductive.” The description is wonderful and unlike the flat, generic one we usually get from Cole, Mathews, or Lawler.

Fall One

The bell rings and Morrison goes for Ziggler, but he goes around JoMo and captures him in a waistlock. He takes him down and goes for a quick pin. Ziggler punches Morrison in the head and tries for another pin. It’s brilliant strategy, trying to stun JoMo and get a quick cover. Ziggler is underrated as a wrestler. Many fans only see his flashy persona and fast-talking promos and forget that underneath is a talented mat wrestler.

Ziggler kicks Morrison in the shoulder as he’s getting up. I find myself cringing a little bit when he grabs at his neck. It reminds me of last fall. Dolph follows the first kick up with another to his stomach. He snapmares Morrison over, punches him the shoulder again and tries for another quick cover. After JoMo kicks out, Ziggler whips him across the ring. Morrison ducks a clothesline and hits Dolph with a dropkick. It’s the first bit of offense he’s gotten in so far. He follows that up with a clothesline. Now it’s his turn to whip Ziggler to the ropes. JoMo connects with a spinning heel kick and gets a two count on the cover.

Morrison hits Ziggler with a forearm and whips him into the corner. He runs at him and avoids a knee by sliding outside the ring. He trips up Dolph and he ends up in position for Starship Pain. Morrison goes for it, but Ziggler rolls out of the way. JoMo’s able to land on his feet and springboard off the ropes to hit a 450 onto Ziggler, who’s still outside. However he hurts his ribs, which he injured in a previous match with Dolph. He is still able to roll Dolph inside and tries for Starship Pain again. Ziggler gets his knees up and hits him right in the ribs. He’s writhing in pain on the mat and when Dolph goes to pick him up, Morrison grabs him as he bends over and rolls him up to get the first fall.


Fall Two

Ziggler is livid over JoMo surprising him and the ref has to hold Dolph back to give Morrison a chance to rest a bit. The match breaks for commercial. We return to Ziggler snapping Morrison’s neck, Curt Hennig-style, then going for a cover. Dolph gets JoMo in a chinlock-body scissors combo, trying to wear him down and hurt his ribs further. Morrison unties Dolph’s legs and then elbows him. He fights back up to his feet, but Dolph lets go of the chinlock to put a bearhug on him instead. After two elbow strikes, Ziggler loosens his grip and Morrison reverses the hold. He pushes Ziggler against the ropes and rolls him up for another two count. Dolph sits up and JoMo goes for the running knee. He misses and Ziggler hits the ZigZag for the three count and second fall.


Fall Three

They’re tied and Ziggler is anxious to attack Morrison again. While JoMo is recovering and getting to his feet, Dolph is taunting him by calling him a coward. He hits Morrison with a perfect drop kick and gets a two count. Ziggler continues to stay on Morrison. He hits him with another fist before kicking him and dropping a series of four elbows. He covers JoMo again and gets two. Dolph goes back to the chinlock-body scissors combo. Morrison breaks out of it with a few elbows of his own. He gets two strikes into Dolph’s ribs before being hit with a knee, stopping his momentum. Ziggler lifts Morrison up and hits a nasty looking fireman’s carry gutbuster. It’s a wicked move, but Ziggler only gets a two count. Striker does a lovely job putting over JoMo’s toughness and competitive spirit as a champion during this last fall.

Ziggler takes Morrison to the corner. Using the post for leverage, he grabs JoMo’s arm and leg and stretches him out. He puts his knee against the injured ribs, trying to hurt them further. Dolph comes back in and hits a baseball slide on Morrison, which forces him into the ring post. He hangs over the apron before Dolph pulls him back in. He tries for a cover and gets a two, but them Morrison rolls him over again. He gets a two count off of this surprise cover. Ziggler quickly recovers and hits Morrison with a jumping facebuster aka the X-Factor, but it’s not enough and JoMo kicks out.

Ziggler punches Morrison again and he bounces off the ropes. It looks like Dolph tries for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but JoMo counters into a DDT. Ziggler lands in position for Starship Pain again. Morrison tries for it a third time and connects. He covers Dolph and wins the third and final fall. A genuinely appreciative Philly crowd gets to their feet and applauds.

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