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From his high-flying skills to his ability to make you laugh, John Hennigan is an all around great guy. From wrestler (also comedian), as well as a fitness magician, John has stepped into several amazing roles throughout his career.
The Guru of Greatness
Real Name: John Randall Hennigan
WWE Ring Name: John Morrison
Birthday: October 3, 1979 (35)
Born/Billed: Los Angeles, California
Weight/Height: 6'1"/224 LBS
Trained: SPW staff, Tough Enough III trainers, and OVW Staff
Wrestling Debut: January 27, 2003
WWE Debut: April 2005
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Upcoming Appearances
October 8, 2016: European Pro Wrestling- Rome, Italy
October 27, 2016: Flying Chuck Improv- Hollywood, CA

Stay tuned for more appearances to be announced.
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Melina Birthday Wishes

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Here are your wishes that I got sent in Melina! The reason I included the age is because I wanted you to know that you have fans of ALL ages! I put some input on a couple of them! If you want to say anything to all these people, I have their emails so if you would like to email me something (starship.pained@yahoo.com) I will send them it!

Name: Joey England (ME!)
Age: 15 (almost, on March 21! (: )
Birthday Wish: Melina, no words can describe how happy that I am that you follow me and you chat with me. You’ve made me feel so much happier online just because of talking to you. Your one of my top 5 inspirations, and I wish you a very happy birthday and that I hope you have fun and JoMo gets you some Wonder Woman Slippers (If you don’t already have them =D)! Enjoy your birthday, be safe!

With Love,

Name: Ayesha
Age: 16
Wish: Dear Melina,
I hope you have such a wonderful day, you deserve it!
Just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to me, and being someone I look up to so much. I consider you as a heroine and idol of mine and always will do. Honestly, WWE hasn’t been the same for me without you, but I’m happy that you’re happy and will always continue to support you no matter what you do. I’m proud to be a Melinquent! You’re such an amazing role model and I love how sweet you are to your fans, it makes me smile when you tweet and make videos because you’re always so lovely. I really hope I’ll be lucky enough to meet you again one day and give you the biggest hug ever. You’re such a beautiful person both inside and out and someone I’ll always look up to. Thank you for everything Melina. Love you!

Best wishes,

Name: Michele
Age: 41
Wish: Happy B’day Melina!!!
Hope you have a great one! You’re a special lady who always has a smile on her face. Always keep that honey!!!
I’ll probably see you in NY!! But, if i don’t have a chance to tell you in Queens..((hugs)) and have a happy b’day!! shell @bedofroses2001

Name: Mike
Age: Pretty Damn Old (He literally said that! Haha! Lol(:)
Wish: Happy birthday,
You and John have brought a ton of thrills and giggles to my life since MNM’s first trip down the red carpet. I really hoped you guys were real back then and would last. Boy have you. You have great fans but they are just as lucky as you are. You treat them so well. Love and happiness to you both.
Oh, yeah. When I was a lttle boy I watched wrestling which means I have watched it a bit longer than you have been alive. All things considered, you are unquestionably the best women’s wrestling performer ever. EVER. (And I’ll stand on Trish Stratus’ coffee table and yell that if you like.) peace

Name: Tytiana
Age: 12
Wish: Hi Melina, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I Hope you Enjoy your Birthday, Have Fun & Stay Safe. Your Such an AMAZING Person. & Happy Birthday !
– Tytiana

Name: Carrie Pate
Age: 22
Wish: Happy birthday Melina. I hope you have the best birthday xoxo from Nebraska.

Name: Victoria
Age: 20
Wish: I have two wishes for u:
1. hope it’s as awesome,humble and gorgeous as u are.
2. hope the lord brings u what u wish and to make what he wishs in u.

Name: Sarah Jane Roszko
Age: 16
Wish: Happy Birthday Melina!!!!!!

Name: Dulce Torres
Age: 17
Wish: ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Melina! May this day be full of Joy and Suprises, Your An inspiration When u saw you in the ring with all your moves and on twitter the way your always happy and smiling loving your fans like their your children!! Keep on The good work, I’ll be supporting you all the way from New York! :]

Name: Kris
Age: 22
Wish: I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Melina!

Name: Kronicz
Age: 25
Wish: Happy Birthday Melina. To many more happy & healthy ones!

Name: Chetan Khanna
Age: 19
Wish: Happy Birthday Melina! Hope your every wish & dream come true. Wish you all the happiness & success. God Bless ?

Name: Bartolomeo Russo
Age: 17
Wish: Happy Birthday to the most talented beautiful looking diva of all time Melina Perez. I hope you have an awesome day and a very enjoyable one aswell. I wish you all the best in the future and hope to see you back on wrestling television again soon. God Bless you Melina and I love you so much and I wish you all the best. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Name: Robin
Age: 16
Wish: Hi Melina 🙂 Just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Enjoy your day ! I love you so much ! This day is YOUR day ! ???? Happy Birthday =D

Name: Ariane
Age: 15
Wish: Melina I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday. You are so beautiful inside and out, and I hope you enjoy your birthday 🙂

Name: Natacha
Age: 14
Wish: Happy birthday Melina! I hope you will have a lot of presents and a good day. xoxo

Name: Stella
Age: 14
Wish: Happy birthday, Melina! I hope you have the best birthday ever. Hope all your wishes come true. You’re amazing and you deserve all the best things possible. I’ll always be a fan! <3 xx Name: George
Age: 32
Wish: Happy Birthday Melina! <3 Name: Jonelle
Age: 28
Wish: Happy Birthday Melina! I still have my sign that says you are my wonder woman, because after watching you flourish you are the closest thing to Wonder Woman! I hope you have a great birthday!

Name: Danielle
Age: 18
Wish: Hey, Melina! 🙂 Just like to wish you the happiest B-Day ever!! 😀

Name: Elow
Age: 21
Wish: I wish you an HAPPY B-DAY Melina ! We miss you a Lot. You are a great Pro wrestler and Gorgeous Model ! I wish you hapiness in your life <3 Take care! XoX Bisoux de France Joyeux Anniversaire ! Name: Julianne
Age: 27
Wish: Happy birthday to one of my fave female wrestlers of all time:-) Hope you have a fantastic day & get spoilt. We miss you very much. Sending you lots of love & happiness.

Name: Adrian
Age: 15
Wish: Happy Birthday ! I’m from Poland I love you ! JoMo and Melina are Awesome ! 😀

Name: Tiarnán
Age: 19
Wish: Happy Birthday Melina! 🙂

You’ve absolutely inspired me in a big way over the course of the last few years. You’re smart, real, artistic and loving, and I you have many more birthdays to come.

Lots of love from Ireland,

Name: Ayanna Hicks
Age: 15
Wish: Melina I wish you a very very happy birthday!! You are my idol! I love you and wish that ur birthday is the Best ever!! I know exactly the date bc I’m ur biggest fan EVER!! Ever since february 28 (2012) I wake up in the morning and watch ur past matches and it brightens my whole day!! So once again HaPpY BiRtHdAy Melina hope u and john and Charlie have an amazing day for an amazing WOMAN!!!

Name: DeQuane Kimbro
Age: 15
Wish: I wish you the best luck in the world on your birthday. Stay YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Name: Stephanie Bell
Age: 15
Wish: Happy Birthday Melina!! You mean the world to me so of course I want you to have the best birthday ever!! And amazing day for an amazing woman. This is just another year into an awesome life for you and I can’t wait to see what you do next and of course I will be following right behind you! Love you Melly <3 Name: Joshua Antolin
Age: 18
Wish: Happy Birthday Melina!! Have many more great birthdays to come!!! (:

Name: Neftaly Ramos
Age: 15
Wish: Happy Birthday Melina. I hope you spend a great day and enjoy it to the fullest. Love you<3 😉 Name: CrazyKidd99 (I’d love to have that name! I think it’s his Twitter handle :P)
Age: 13
Wish: Happy 33rd Birthday Melina! 😀 I wish you the best, skittled, Charlie Bear and John Morrison themed birthday! I hope JoMo shower you with hugs, kisses, skittles and lots of lovin! But try not to party to hard like on your 32nd birthday and you and John got banned from a bar. XD And let little Charlie Bear shower you with kisses and love to. Heh, Charlie and JoMo might be fighting each other for your attention. XD. And i would like to thank you for replying to me…TWICE!! It made my year and i got so giddy and tickled. ^.^ Happy 33rd Birthday Melina! #StayStrong my #WonderWoman and my #Icon.

Name: Matt
Age: 21
Wish: Happy Birthday Melina! Hope its a good one, you deserve the best.

Oh and see you Saturday at the queens signing…can’t wait…love you! =)

Name: Norma A.
Age: 27
Wish: Mel,
Just want to wish you a blessed birthday in company of your love ones, have a wonderful day and enjoy it to the fullest. My best wishes to you and a Happy Birthday from Monterrey, México. Hugs to the greatest diva and the diva mas latina in wrestling history!

Name: Patricia
Age: 17
Wish: Never in my life I watched wrestling, but in 2004 and don’t know why, I watched on Tv WWE. For that moment for me the wrestling would be my favourite sport. But when I saw MNM( you) I felt the passion of your face I don’t care what people said about you… All that you can do is put you on the mirror and see who you are and trust me you’re one of that persons that never forget. I’m a fan of your career and I watch all your matches and righ now when your chapter in WWE has done I can say that you’re one of the best divas in WWE History! All that I want is wish you a happy birthday and have fun with John… I would love that you follow me on Twitter because I want talk with you about more things, so here’s it: RealPatricia8
Never forget that I love you and I will always be your fan 🙂 xoxo #StayStrong #ThankyouMelina

Name: Mayra
Age: 10
Wish: Birthday Wish: Happy Birthday Melina 🙂
Have A wonderful day on your special day with your john Morrison(:
God Bless you!!

Name: Billie
Age: Why? (So you could know your fan range!)
Wish: Happy Birthday Melina! Hope you have a great day. Thanks for always being kind to your fans.

Name: Yen
Age: 28
Wish: Hi Melina I would like to wish you a very Happy Beautiful Birthday you are so sweet and a fun loving person.I hope you get everything you want on this day.

Name: Clare Burke
Wish: Sending hugs and bunnies to you on your BDay 🙂 love you lots! Xox have a fab day. Clare Bear x

Name: sandra piatt
Age: 19
Wish: happy birthday melina u r awesome