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WWE Debut: April 2005
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Author: Joey     Date: September 30th, 2016     Filed In: Lucha Underground Results

Here are Lucha Underground Results from this past Wednesday night, courtesy of Wrestlezone:

Third Match: Sexy Star, Aerostar, Drago and Fenix vs. Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, PJ Black and Taya Valkyrie) in a Atomicos Match

Referee Marty Elias holds Sexy Star back away from Valkyrie. Valkyrie and Star starts off this match. Valkyrie slaps Star. Star ducks a clothesline from Valkyrie. Valkyrie drops Star with a shoulder tackle. Star bulldogs Valkyrie. Star with a boot to the face followed by a hurricanrana off the top rope. Drago and Evans are tagged in. Evans cartwheel’s around the ring. Evans tags in Black. Black kicks Drago in the gut. Drago connects with a spinning hurricanrana. Drago with a leg sweep to Black. Drago catapults Black into a forearm from Aerostar. Aerostar with a flying crossbody to Black. Black knocks Drago off the ring apron. Black tags in Mundo. Mundo with a side kick to the head of Aerostar.

Mundo sends Aerostar to the ring apron. Aerostar with a headbutt to the midsection of Mundo. Aerostar follows that up with a springboard missile dropkick. Aerostar tags in Fenix. Mundo from out of nowhere superkick’s Fenix. Fenix with a thrust kick to the midsection of Mundo. Fenix follows that up with a vicious kick to the head. Fenix with a running leg lariat to Mundo in the corner. Fenix tags in Star. Star with a leg drop to Mundo. Worldwide Underground triple teams Star in the corner. Evans with a flying forearm to the gut of Star. Evans with a elbow drop to Star. Evans with a flying headbutt to the leg of Star. Evans tags in Valkyrie. Valkyrie with a series of running elbows to Star in the corner. Valkyrie follows that up with a running double knee strike in the corner. Valkyrie tags back in Mundo. Mundo with a haymaker to the gut of Star.

Mundo accidentally superkick’s Black and Valkyrie off the ring apron. Star connects with the enziguri. Roll through and tags in Drago. Drago launches Mundo face first to the top turnbuckle. Drago ascends to the top rope. Drago connects with the Tornado DDT. Aerostar with a springboard codebreaker to Mundo. Fenix follows that up with a Springboard 450 Splash for a two count.

Valkyrie with a running knee to Fenix. Drago superkick’s Valkyrie. Drago tosses Black to the outside. Evans with a spin kick that sends Drago crashing to the outside. Aerostar drops Black with a somersault plancha over the top rope. Fenix superkick’s Mundo. Fenix with a spinning corkscrew splash to Black and Aerostar. Valkyrie with a series of clubbing blows to the back of Star. Star tosses Valkyrie to the outside. Valkyrie seems to injured her leg. Star gets Evans in a Gory Special. Mundo superkick’s Star. Evans with a O’Connor Roll with a bridge to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Worldwide Underground

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