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Wrestling Debut: January 27, 2003
WWE Debut: April 2005
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Author: FemmeJoMo     Date: February 24th, 2012     Filed In: High Flying Friday

In 2011, Morrison started out the Raw Elimination Chamber match with King Sheamus. My guess is that the WWE was so impressed with JoMo’s 2010 performance and his matches with Sheamus that they wanted them together to set the pace of the match. The Smackdown Chamber had been both exciting and brutal and the WWE wanted the Raw Chamber to be the same.

The winner of this Chamber match would get a shot at Miz and his WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, so it was pretty obvious from the start only two of the participants had a real shot of winning it, that being Randy Orton and John Cena. The other participants – Morrison, Sheamus, CM Punk, and R-Truth, really didn’t stand a chance. I disliked the predictability of WWE’s booking at the time, although I think we’re finally starting to see a change.

Morrison is the last man to enter the EC match. I like when he’s last because it is more dramatic somehow. The first thing JoMo does once inside the Chamber is confront CM Punk, who attacked him and sprayed hair spray into his eyes a few weeks before. Afterwards, he enters the ring to start the match off with Sheamus.

They lock up and fight for dominance around the ring. Sheamus finally applies a headlock, which Morrison reverses by backing into the ropes and throwing him off toward the far rope. Sheamus returns with a shoulder block. He just runs over JoMo, who looks very annoyed. They lock up again. Morrison goes behind Sheamus and wraps his arms around Sheamus’ stomach. Sheamus forces JoMo to release his grip by elbowing him in the side of the head. He gets a side headlock and takes him down. Morrison smartly keeps his right shoulder up to avoid being pinned. JoMo breaks the hold. We can’t see how though, because the camera is on CM Punk. When the camera focuses back on the ring, we see Morrison rush to feet and into another side headlock takedown by Sheamus. This time, we see him reversing it with a headscissors. They break and once again, Sheamus returns to the headlock takedown and again, JoMo breaks it with a headscissors.

They both get back on their feet and Sheamus slaps JoMo, which succeeds in angering him. Morrison trips up Sheamus and with him on the mat, he starts to pound on him. He rolls out of the ring to escape a very angry JoMo. Sheamus doesn’t get much reprieve as JoMo flies over the top rope and hits him with a forearm. Morrison lands on his feet. He punches Sheamus and is about to ram his head into the chain-link wall. However, he blocks it and hits him with a shot to the midsection. Morrison returns the favor when Sheamus tries to throw him into the side of the Chamber. They exchange shots and Morrison falls back into the door of Truth’s pod.

Morrison kicks Sheamus as he comes toward him, then JoMo goes for the Flying Chuck. He ducks but JoMo hangs on the chain wall of the chamber. As Sheamus turns around, he comes off the wall and hits the move. He falls into the ring and JoMo goes for the cover and gets a two.

Sheamus stumbles back into the corner and Morrison works him over, much to the delight of Punk, who’s jumping up and down in his pod behind them. Sheamus stops JoMo with a fist to the face and then hits Morrison with a short-arm clothesline. We see Cena in his pod and he’s impressed with the force and power in that move. Sheamus lifts JoMo up by his hair and delivers another clothesline. He takes a moment to showboat.

JoMo is back up on his knees and Sheamus lifts him the rest of the way up. He tries to slam his head into the top turnbuckle, but JoMo blocks him with his foot and punches Sheamus. It stuns him and gives Morrison the chance to hit him with the Pele kick. This knocks him in the perfect position for Starship Pain, which Morrison goes for. Sheamus sits up and pushes him up and over into the front of the pod and onto the steel outside. He lands on his elbow. Sheamus picks JoMo up and throws him into the Chamber. He hits it hard, falling back against the ropes and back onto the steel grating. Sheamus picks up Morrison again and slams his head into the closest pod, which has Punk in it. He pushes him against it while Punk cheers and taunts both men. As the countdown clock starts, he pulls Morrison back away from the pod and into the ring.

Orton is released first and he hits Sheamus twice before hitting Morrison with a clothesline. When JoMo gets back up, he runs at Orton, who catches him with the scoop slam. Orton then back body drops Morrison to the outside onto Sheamus, whom he clotheslined over the top rope moments before. After taunting Punk, Orton picks Morrison up and throws him into his pod door. He crashes through it into the pod. After a minute or so, JoMo recovers and attacks Orton from behind with an axe handle to the back while he is arguing with Punk. Orton retaliates with a knee to the stomach and throws him back into the ring. He begins to stomp on Morrison’s joints before dropping a knee to the chest and trying for a pin. Orton only gets a two count.

Morrison only gets a moments rest before Orton takes him to the stop for a superplex. He goes for another cover, but JoMo kicks out. He gets more rest while Orton fights with Sheamus and Punk, who enters the chamber next.

After Sheamus tries to unsuccessfully pin Orton, Morrison attacks him with a kick. JoMo’s rested. Sheamus kicks him in return and then throws him over the top rope while he’s stunned. While Sheamus gloats, JoMo rolls into the ring and after a series of reversals, Orton is in perfect position for a Flying Chuck, which he hits. Right after, Sheamus catches him with a clothesline. He pushes JoMo out of the ring and when he hits the steel, he grabs his ankle. This is the same ankle he injured in 2010.

Sheamus and JoMo begin to fight outside. Sheamus pushes him against the chamber wall and then pulls him back, so that he can throw Morrison into it. He slides down and Sheamus puts a calf to his throat and chokes him. The clock counts down and Cena comes out.

While Cena and Sheamus fight, Morrison returns to the ring. He is caught by Cena, who attempts to AA him to the outside, but JoMo lands on his feet. He then springboard clotheslines both Sheamus and Orton. He moves towards Cena, who sees him and back body drops him over the top. As Morrison’s recovering, we see a shot of Miz and Riley watching the action in the back. Cena tries to slam Morrison’s head into the chamber, but he blocks it and slams Cena’s head into it instead. They exchange punches until Sheamus delivers a springboard clothesline to them both. Just as the clock begins to countdown again, Sheamus kicks JoMo in the gut. He stomps him again and Morrison rolls into the ring.

Truth enters the match next. When Truth goes for Orton, Morrison attacks and sends him flying back into the corner with a kick. Truth picks him up and hits Truth or Consequences (vertical suplex stunner.) After a few seconds, JoMo recovers and pounds Sheamus who’s on the mat. After a few well-placed fists, Morrison goes for a cover and a two count. Sheamus fights back to his feet, but he’s still in striking distance. JoMo does strike and kicks Sheamus in the back of the head.

Sheamus stumbles into the corner and Morrison follows him. He stomps and kicks him there, forcing him flat onto the mat. JoMo pulls him outside a bit, but then props him up onto the bottom rope. He kicks him again in the head. Orton watches JoMo do this. Then, Orton attacks him and throws him through the door to Truth’s pod.

While Morrison is recovering, Punk enters the match again. JoMo makes his way back into the ring. He meets Sheamus, who’s in the center of the ring. JoMo punches him a few times, forcing Sheamus back to the ropes. He whips him, but it’s reversed. However, Morrison is still able to catch Sheamus with a spinning heel kick. Morrison’s followed up and attacks Sheamus in the corner. He backs up and runs at him. Sheamus back body drops him to the outside, but again he lands on his feet.

He kicks Sheamus and climbs to the top of the nearest pod. Sheamus follows and catches him with a shot. It looks like Sheamus is going to give him the High Cross from the top, but Morrison hangs on. Sheamus climbs down to the top turn buckle and JoMo kicks him off of it onto the mat. JoMo then continues to climb up to the top of the chamber and drops off onto Sheamus. The announcers and crowd are stunned. He pins Sheamus and eliminates him.

After the fall, JoMo grabs his knee. He rolls outside, while Cena and Punk fight inside the ring. As Cena goes to AA Punk outside, JoMo flies off the top turnbuckle and hits both men with a double axe handle. After a two count on Cena by Punk, Cena sits and leans against the pod behind him and Punk returns to the ring. Morrison gets up and goes for a running knee on Cena. He ducks and JoMo hits the pod knee first. It’s the knee he injured from the fall. He writhes around holding his knee. Cole says it’s like Morrison went splat on the Lexan. It’s a fair comparison.

In the ring, Punk gets Cena in the Anaconda Vice. Cena counters by lifting Punk up. JoMo heads to the top turnbuckle. Punk is on Cena’s shoulders and JoMo clotheslines Punk, knocking both men over. Still holding his knee, he covers Punk for a two. He tries to cover Cena as well, but he also kicks out. Morrison pulls himself back up to his feet. Cena lifts him up into the AA, but he drops JoMo close to the ropes and he gets caught up in them. He rolls to the outside to recover while Cena and Punk fight.

Soon Punk turns his attention back to JoMo. He tries to slingshot him into a pod, but Morrison hangs onto the top ledge of it instead. JoMo fakes Punk out by moving as though he’s going to go for the Flying Chuck, but the leaps to the chamber wall next to the pod. Morrison then delivers the moves from the chamber wall. The kick knocks Punk into position for Starship Pain. He goes for it, but misses and lands on the mat. He hits his knee hard on the mat. Morrison jumps up in pain, still holding his knee, and ends up in a GTS. The seconds later, JoMo is eliminated. Seconds later, Cena AA’s a distracted Punk to the outside and quickly covers him for the win.

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