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Real Name: John Randall Hennigan
WWE Ring Name: John Morrison
Birthday: October 3, 1979 (35)
Born/Billed: Los Angeles, California
Weight/Height: 6'1"/224 LBS
Trained: SPW staff, Tough Enough III trainers, and OVW Staff
Wrestling Debut: January 27, 2003
WWE Debut: April 2005
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Author: FemmeJoMo     Date: March 30th, 2012     Filed In: High Flying Friday


Morrison’s Intercontinental Championship match with Cody Rhodes at Hell in a Cell 2011 was a long overdue rubber match between the two. Back in April 2010, Cody beat JoMo on Smackdown. Later in that year, JoMo returned the favor by beating Rhodes in a quarterfinal match during the King of Ring before advancing to the finals.

Before the match started, Rhodes gave a promo re-introducing the “Classic” Intercontinental Championship belt and claimed he would surpass the greatness of legends like Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, Shawn Michaels, and Randy Savage. Cody promised to defend the title anywhere, anytime, and against anyone. This statement prompted John Laurinaitis to come out and announce that HHH had booked a title defense for him.

A minute later, Morrison came out and the match was on. I was happy with the match and him wrestling on the PPV, but I’ve never understood why they didn’t go with Ted DiBiase as Rhodes’ opponent, since they were feuding at the time. JoMo is dressed to wrestle, while Cody is still in his suit and Gucci shoes. (Sadly, the shoes were a major part of the commentary. I’m serious.)

After the bell rings, Morrison chases Rhodes into the corner. He ducks between the ropes to cause a break. He comes towards JoMo, who sidesteps him and rolls him up. They both get back up and JoMo grabs his leg. He kicks out the other which forces Cody onto his back. Morrison goes for another cover.

They get up again. This time, Morrison takes Rhodes back down with a side headlock. Cody fights out and back to his feet. He whips JoMo off the ropes. He leaps over Rhodes, ducks a clothesline, and avoids a dropkick by hanging on to the top rope. Morrison flips onto Cody and grabs his legs for a jackknife pinning combination.

They get back up once more. JoMo uses another side headlock takedown. Cody fights up and whips JoMo to the ropes again. He comes off and knocks Cody over with a shoulder block. He goes to the ropes again, but Rhodes slides out of the ring before he can do anything. Morrison hits him in the face with a dropkick through the second rope.

Morrison joins Cody outside and smacks him with a European uppercut. He rolls Cody into the ring, but he rolls outside again. An annoyed Morrison follows and stops him from leaving by hitting him in the back. He brings him back towards the ring. Cody stops JoMo from throwing him back in and connects with a nasty elbow in the neck/shoulder. Cody then grabs the ring post to avoid being brought back in. JoMo rolls inside to break the count and goes right back outside. Rhodes fights him off until Morrison kicks him right between the shoulder blades. He lets go of the post and JoMo finally rolls him back inside.

When Morrison follows him back into the ring, Cody headbutts him while still wearing the acrylic protective mask. He lifts JoMo up and plants him face first onto the mat. Cody stomps on his head and neck twice and then knees him in the stomach. Rhodes applies a wristlock and takes JoMo over. He changes to an armbar and adds a chinlock.

JoMo fights up and hits Cody with two shots to mid-section, but Rhodes holds on and takes him back down. He fights out again, but before he can get in any offense, Rhodes punches him in the face. Morrison flies back toward the ropes and Cody lays him across them neck first. While still holding JoMo, he connects with a vicious kick to his stomach. Rhodes picks him up, but Morrison counters with a sunset flip for two.

Cody hits a devastating clothesline, but wastes time by pacing around and taunting Morrison verbally and physically. Cody then turns to tease the crowd. Finally, he puts on a figure four and the crowd woos in honor of Ric Flair. JoMo rolls to the ropes and the referee breaks the hold.

Cody lifts Morrison up and punches him again. JoMo lands on his knees and Cody hits him again. Rhodes measures him and drops a knee. Once again, he takes a moment to gloat and taunt JoMo and the crowd once again. Cody lifts and punches JoMo one more time. He retaliates by forcing Cody back into the corner and hitting him with a flurry of forearms, elbows, and punches. He lets Rhodes come out of the corner and hits him with a spinning heel kick. JoMo then uses the C4 and gets a two count on the pin. He used the C4 a lot after returning from surgery. It’s a beautiful looking move and has become one of my favorites.

Morrison tries to take Cody’s mask off, but he’s able to stop him. He pulls Cody into position for Starship Pain, but Cody grabs onto his leg. JoMo stomps on Cody’s stomach forcing him to let go. Morrison grabs his legs and kicks him in the stomach again. This is a move Bret Hart used as a fake out and set up for the Sharpshooter. It’s not the first time I’ve thought of Hart while watching Morrison, even though he usually gets compared to HBK. I think of The Hitman whenever he uses a side Russian leg sweep, because it’s a trademark move of his. JoMo goes for the running knee, but misses. It’s probably a good thing because Cody’s still wearing the mask.

Cody tries for a clothesline, but misses. Morrison lifts him up and over, but Rhodes lands on his feet. He grabs Morrison’s hair, but JoMo Pele kicks him on top of his head. JoMo goes for the Flying Chuck, but misses and Cody rolls him up for a three to retain the I-C Title. Rhodes rolls out of the ring, leaving a very frustrated Morrison behind. Interestingly, we learn in the next segment that HHH actually didn’t make the match. Laurinaitis did.


A Timeline of Morrison and Rhodes’ History


10/7 ECW Miz, Morrison, Rhodes, and DiBiase beat Punk, Kingston, Bourne, and Ricky Ortiz.


Various The Dirt Sheet Morrison and Miz made fun of Rhodes (and Legacy) in a few episodes, especially around The Royal Rumble.


4/30 Smackdown Rhodes beat Morrison.
8/30 Raw Truth and Morrison fought to a no contest with Rhodes and McIntyre in a #1 contenders match.
11/29 Raw Morrison beat Rhodes in the quarterfinals of the King of the Ring.


9/26 Raw Rhodes beat Morrison, Riley, Bryan, McIntyre, Jackson, Gabriel, Sheamus, Sin Cara, and DiBiase in a 10 Man Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Title.
10/2 Hell In A Cell Rhodes beat Morrison in an Intercontinental Title match.
10/17 Raw Rhodes, Henry, and Christian beat Morrison, Orton, and Sheamus.
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