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Author: FemmeJoMo     Date: March 9th, 2012     Filed In: High Flying Friday

John Morrison and Daniel Bryan vs The Miz and Alex Riley

In the fall of 2010, Miz and Riley feuded with Miz’s season one NXT rookie, Daniel Bryan, for the US Championship. Bryan was able to beat Miz for the title at Night of Champions, but Miz and Riley continued to attack him. They met once again on the September 27th Raw in a tag team match, when Miz and Riley teamed up to take on Bryan and Morrison. Miz and Riley won, but after the match Bryan, Miz, and Morrison brawled outside the ring. This prompted the Anonymous Raw GM to make the US Championship match at that Sunday’s Hell in a Cell a Triple Threat, Submissions Count Anywhere contest between the three men.

 HIAC Part 1                                            HIAC Part2

This is one of my favorite matches for a number of reasons. First, I’m a fan of all three wrestlers and enjoy they chemistry they have together. Second, I enjoy submission wrestling. Seeing Bryan use Cattle Mutilation for the first time in the WWE is amazing to me. I couldn’t help but be impressed by Morrison’s submission skills. By this time, he was considered a high-flyer, but he is able to keep pace with Bryan on the mat and use an incredible array of submission moves, which are applied with stunning precision. He uses two of my favorites (the tarantula and texas cloverleaf.) Third, it’s exciting and unpredictable. This match has a little bit of everything – from the mat wrestling and submissions I mentioned to high-risk offense and brawling. There were a number of wildcards, such as how Miz and Morrison would handle a submission match, how would the three men interact, and would the “count anywhere” aspect of the match come into play?

Morrison was the first to come out. Bryan was next and as I mentioned, Bryan is a submission expert. He was known at one time as “The Best in the World” because of his wrestling ability. Miz came out by himself last, with a microphone in his hand. He put it to use and gave a promo before the match as he made his way to the ring. Miz reminded Morrison and Bryan that they would be nothing without him. However, he would still be a star without them, because he has “it,” which Miz defines as star quality. He claimed he would be US Champion again and never tapped out because he’s awesome.

After staring each other down for a few moments, Miz starts the match by trying to kick JoMo, who grabs his leg. Bryan grabs his other leg and trips him up. Morrison looks like be might be going for a sharpshooter, but Bryan reaches for his arm and tries to take JoMo down. Instead, they knock down Miz with a double shoulder block. Miz gets out of the ring. Morrison and Bryan chase him. Eventually JoMo is able to grab his ankle and trips him up again. He holds on while Bryan dropkicks Miz in the face. Miz rolls outside.

Morrison and Bryan circle each other inside the ring. They lock up. Bryan goes behind JoMo and gets him in a waistlock. Morrison breaks it and reverses it into a wristlock. While still holding on to his wrist, JoMo snapmares Bryan over and moves into a chinlock. He reverses it into a hammerlock. Morrison counters the hammerlock with a drop toe hold. Morrison gets him in a front facelock, but Bryan is able to reverse it back to the hammerlock. Morrison fights back up, but Bryan takes him down into a heel hook, which is a submission. JoMo fights to the ropes, but there is no break. In a regular match there would be, but because there are no disqualifications, there is none. With the hold still locked in, they roll outside. Miz breaks the hold by kicking Bryan in the head. He does the same to Morrison and then rams him back first into the apron. Miz turns to Bryan and throws him into the retaining wall.

Miz throws Morrison into the ring and follows him in. He kicks and then punches him. Morrison tries to pull himself up with the ropes, but Miz uses them against him by choking JoMo against the middle rope. He kicks Morrison in the head and whips him into the opposite corner. Miz tries for the Swinging Border Clothesline, but JoMo avoids it. He counters it into a tarantula, a move made famous by Tajiri. Bryan breaks it up with a dropkick on Miz. Morrison lands outside. Inside the ring, Bryan puts Miz in Cattle Mutilation. Miz turns out of it and the two continue to fight while Morrison remains outside. We see a shot of JoMo holding his bad ankle on the floor outside.

While Morrison is outside, Bryan gets a heel hook on Miz. They roll around, kicking each other and fight for dominance. They end up near the corner and JoMo breaks the hold by hitting them both with Starship Pain. Again, Miz rolls outside. Morrison gets Bryan in a variation of the Haas of Pain, but Miz returns to the ring to break it. JoMo hits Miz with a baseball slide and knocks him out of the ring. Morrison follows this move up by attacking him with a springboard corkscrew plancha. JoMo punches Miz and then measures him. Miz reverses whatever move Morrison is going for and sends him over the barrier. They brawl outside for a bit before Miz puts JoMo in a wristlock. Morrison fights out and they brawl again, going further into the crowd. They are on the steps in the middle of the crowd when Miz gets Morrison in a dragon sleeper. Bryan distracts Miz, which makes him release his hold on Morrison.

Bryan and Miz fight for a bit, moving towards the open area next to the entrance ramp. Bryan tries for a fujiwara armbar, but Miz counters out of it. Morrison enters the fight again and they exchange blows. Miz drops JoMo throat first on the barrier, but JoMo comes back and fights with him back into the open area next to the stage. JoMo turns his attention back to Bryan. After smacking his head into a barrier, Morrison hits Bryan with a kick off of it that looks a lot like Cody Rhodes’ Beautiful Disaster.
Miz returns and pushes a storage box into Morrison. Miz attacks Bryan and pushes him up onto the entrance ramp. He turns his attention to JoMo once again. Miz tries to push the storage box into him again, but Morrison counters and jumps over it, kicking him in the chest. As Miz comes towards JoMo, he grabs him and put him in what Striker calls a modified triangle choke. I think he was going for a koji clutch, but it really doesn’t matter because both are chokes and more importantly, submissions. Bryan breaks the hold before Miz can tap.

Bryan and Miz fight for a second, before Miz goes back to Morrison. He gives him the Skull Crushing Finale outside on the floor. As Miz and Bryan fight on the stage, JoMo gets back up and climbs the lighting rigging next to the stage onto the top of the Hell in a Cell stage piece. He jumps off and lands on Miz and Bryan. All three men take a moment to recover while the crowd chants “That was awesome!”

Morrison is up first and goes after Miz, who tries to crawl away. JoMo puts him in a perfect texas cloverleaf. The ref asks Miz if he wants to quit, but out of nowhere, Riley appears. He grabs JoMo and throws him down the entrance ramp. This takes Morrison out of the match. Bryan gets up right after. He throws a distracted Riley off the ramp and into a camera guy. He then puts Miz into the LaBell Lock. Miz tries to fight out, but ultimately taps and Bryan retains the US Championship.

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