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Author: Joey     Date: April 25th, 2012     Filed In: Flashback

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Below is our first Extreme Rules Rewind. The match is The Miz defending the WWE Championship against John Cena and John Morrison from Extreme Rules 2011. It was chosen by a good friend of mine, Michele as her favorite. Here is our report from last year:

They showed JoMo backstage doing his parkour. He was dancing around getting ready for the Steel Cage match.

Later that night…

The cage is being lowered as John Morrison comes out. Cena is out next followed by The Miz. Miz tries to escape but the challengers stop him. Jomo and Cena team up on The Miz and Morrison then rolls up Cena for a two count. Morrison keeps the pace up and Miz comes out of nowhere clotheslining JoMo. He gets Cena up and throws him into the cage, then does the same to JoMo. Miz goes over to Cena and throws him into it again, same to JoMo. He tries to do it to Cena but Cena stops him and quickly gains control, then JoMo takes Cena off his feet for a two count while Miz is climbing. JoMo stops him by knocking him off the side, and Miz then pulls JoMo’s foot to knock him off. Cena and Miz are climbing on the other side and Miz gives Cena some big shots to the face and Cena counters with a bulldog from the top rope.

All three men are down and JoMo makes it to his feet going after Cena but Cena gains momentum and goes for the five knuckle shuffle, and the fans are booing him. He hits the five knuckle shuffle, and Miz hits Cena with The Skull Crushing Finale, but JoMo is almost out of the cage and Miz catches him. they are both on the top of the cage exchanging punches back in fourth. Miz is nearly out but JoMo brings him back in while Cena helps to suplex Miz from the top. All three men are out of it. JoMo makes it to his feet and starts to climb. Cena stops him and pulls him back in the cage. Morrison tries to fight him off and does then JoMo elbows him off and goes for the kick on Cena but he moves and nails Miz. Then, JoMo hits an awesome move on Cena for a two count. Miz was trying to escape and JoMo stopped him. JoMo starts climbing again and Miz stops him by power bombing him into the cage. Miz then hits JoMo with a boot and then Cena locks Miz in the STF. Miz almost escapes and Cena tries to go out the door over the Miz. Cena flips Miz and JoMo goes after Cena but Cena ruins him and JoMo leaps on top of the cage and Cena chases him. They are fighting above while Miz signals the ref to open the door and JoMo kicks the door on Miz . JoMo is almost out and Cena makes him fall onto the door. That had to hurt. Miz pulls JoMo back in the ring and Cena hits a monkey flip on him for a two count.

Miz and Cena go at it and he hits a DDT on Miz for a two count. Miz then hits a boot to Cena in the face and follows up with another one. And then another one. JoMo nearly escapes and Miz realizes it, and drags him back into the ring and they are on top of the cage fighting. Morrison falls back in while Miz is out of the ring. Morrison leaps up and drags Miz back in. He makes Miz’s head bounce off the steel and then Cena goes up and stops JoMo, then JoMo hits a Starship-Pain on both Cena and Miz. Morrison is crawling near the door and nearly escapes but Truth comes out and runs his head into the steps with his knee, pushing JoMo back in the ring and shutting the cage door, while Truth is in the ting beating up JoMo. He hammers JoMo in the corner and keeps punching and kicking him. Cena makes it to his feet and Truth hits the scissors kick on Cena. He goes back to JoMo ad gets him to his feet, hitting his new move. Truth then climbs the cage and gets out of the ring.

All three men are down and Miz is the first to make it to his feet. He looks like he had no idea what happened. He starts climbing the cage and Cena stops him and pulls him back into the ring. He climbs up on the top and they exchange fists. Cena punches Miz back in and holds Cena’s foot, pulling him back in. He then tries for the Skull Crushing Finale but Cena nails the attitude adjustment off the cage for the three count.

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