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From his high-flying skills to his ability to make you laugh, John Hennigan is an all around great guy. From wrestler (also comedian), as well as a fitness magician, John has stepped into several amazing roles throughout his career.
The Guru of Greatness
Real Name: John Randall Hennigan
WWE Ring Name: John Morrison
Birthday: October 3, 1979 (35)
Born/Billed: Los Angeles, California
Weight/Height: 6'1"/224 LBS
Trained: SPW staff, Tough Enough III trainers, and OVW Staff
Wrestling Debut: January 27, 2003
WWE Debut: April 2005
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Upcoming Appearances
October 8, 2016: European Pro Wrestling- Rome, Italy
October 27, 2016: Flying Chuck Improv- Hollywood, CA

Stay tuned for more appearances to be announced.
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Category: Morrison News
Author: Joey     Date: July 29th, 2015     Filed In: Interviews, Morrison News

Johnny Mundo (aka John Morrison) recently was interview by Stone Cold Steve Austin on his podcast, and talked a variety of subjects, I really enjoyed it. John & Steve seemed to have a good connection while doing the podcast & it turned out great. Here is an excerpt from Wrestling Inc-

Going back to WWE?

“Sure. Definitely. It’s always hard, though, to say in wrestling, what’s going to happen and I know Lucha [Underground] season 2 is happening, and they are really excited about it and I am too. And I feel like everything I wanted to do in wrestling is happening for me right now with Lucha, so I’m going to stay and I’m not going anywhere. But with WWE, I mean, as a kid, I was watching WrestleMania, and that was my dream.”

“If there was no Lucha [Underground], I would consider going back [to WWE]. There is Lucha, and that, right now, is, I think, exactly what I wanted to have in wrestling and I think that there is a possibility that it could take off and become something much, much bigger than anyone was expecting.

“If I were to go back [to WWE], I feel like I’ve learned a lot about who I am in the ring and how to go about sticking up for yourself with who you want to work with, what you want to do.”

To listen to the podcast, click here.

Author: Joey     Date: July 13th, 2015     Filed In: Appearances, Morrison News

Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) & Melina will be at The Wrestling Guy Store this upcoming Sunday from 12PM-2PM PST in Huntington Park, California meeting with fans & signing autographs & pictures. Go meet them & have a fun time!

You can purchase photo ops & autographs online at this link.

Author: Joey     Date: June 12th, 2015     Filed In: Acting, Morrison News, Movies

John Hennigan (Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground & John Morrison in WWE), will star in the title role of the horror film Diablo Steel, which is set to start filming late 2015. JoMo will star as Diablo Steel, a professional wrestler trapped in purgatory who sells his soul to the devil in order to come back from the dead and save the lives of his family and friends from the biker gang that murdered him.

“My 12 year old self would watch Diablo Steel over and over again” says Hennigan. “It’s awesome to collaborate on the creation of an original story that draws on everything I’m passionate about.”

The movie is expected to be released in 2016.

Source: Wrestling Inc

Note from Joey- It sounds like a pretty good movie to me. I’ll definitely be checking this one out!

Author: Joey     Date: May 6th, 2015     Filed In: Morrison News, Videos

Above is a pretty cool new video of Johnny Mundo aka John Morrison doing Parkour! The El Rey Network uploaded it on their YouTube account. Check it out & don’t forget to purchase Out of Your Mind Fitness!

Author: Joey     Date: May 6th, 2015     Filed In: Interviews, Morrison News

Below are some excerpts of an interview sent to WrestlingInc.com from Donald Wood, Mike Chiari & Brandon Galvin from Ring Rust Radio:

Donald Wood: Early on in your tenure with Lucha Underground, you began a rivalry with current world champion Prince Puma. While you have teamed up recently, many fans are clamoring for another battle between the company’s two top stars. How do you think Prince Puma has handled being the company’s first champion and what will it take for you to eventually defeat him for the title?

I think it’s going to take me one more rematch. I think he handled himself extremely well and like a champion. He is somebody that the promotion can go to and represent Lucha Underground. He is a perfect combination of lucha, acrobatics, and storytelling; he gets it so to speak. It’s cool to see him really embracing his role as a champion of Lucha Underground and he has done great representing the company. He is probably doing almost as good as a job as I would do as champion.

Mike Chiari: In addition to Prince Puma you’ve been interacting with Alberto El Patron a bit lately and you guys have had some interesting run-ins that lead many to believe that you could possibly lock horns in the near future. Alberto’s hugely popular right now and he’s the AAA heavyweight champion, so what’s your interest level regarding a feud with Alberto and how do you think the crowd would react in terms of who they’d support?

First of all, Alberto is extremely talented and I did wrestle him a few times in WWE, but we never had enough time to put on the kind of match that I am looking forward to with him in Lucha Underground. It’s very interesting the way he left WWE I think represents what pro-wrestlers should represent. He stood up for himself and the culture and that’s been resonating with me and the fans of Lucha Underground. You can identify with somebody who stands up for who they are and what they believe in. He is also a very talented wrestler and I am looking forward to getting in the ring with him because I think that people aren’t going to believe the type of match we are going to have. As far as how the fans will respond? I mean, Los Angeles is my hometown, and has been for Lucha Underground since day one, so I think a lot of fans that are going to see that and the hard work I have done, and chant “Mundo” until their faces melt. There are also a lot of fans that will respect Alberto and where he comes from and the talent he has in the ring and chant for him. The true winner is going to be the fans in the temple when Albert and I are in the ring.

You can check out the full interview in audio form by clicking here, and some more excerpts from WrestlingInc by clicking here.

Author: Joey     Date: April 27th, 2015     Filed In: Interviews, Morrison News

Johnny Mundo (aka John Morrison) recently did an interview with James Sawyer, here are some highlights:

You have to incorporate that in something. I looked at your IMDB and you’ve got a ton of stuff coming out in 2015 including Boone: The Bounty Hunter, which you actually wrote.

Oh bro, Boone: The Bounty Hunter is literally the thing that I’m absolutely the most excited about of everything that I’ve done. I wrote it, produced it, I’m actually tomorrow shooting pickups for it again. Movie-making is a very, very, very long process. Especially if you’re dealing with a project that you’re very passionate about and you want to see it finished right. I’m spending so much time on Boone and when it’s done I’m probably gonna tweet every day for a year telling everybody to watch it and let everybody know. All my friends know that I’ve been working on this for, oh over two years now. Yeah, I’m super-pumped for Boone.

In all your characters over the years, one common strand was you had a sense of humor, I still remember the Dirt Sheet and the Palace of Wisdom. Do you feel in acting, of course, but especially if you’re writing it, but in Lucha, you have more creative control in your matches but also your character and your input, the story. Do you feel that you sort of have a wider berth to do what you want?

Much wider. It’s like the WWE where it’s a business, it’s a show and they’re telling stories. And they are very open to the suggestions that I make and the ideas that I have. No one gets all of their ideas done. Not even the head writer of a TV show. There’s always somebody that can check that power or point out why your idea is stupid, or the producer say “we can’t afford to do this” or a director say “we want to go this way.” Anything creative always becomes a collaboration. But I feel like Lucha is thematically similar to the type of stuff I’m interested in doing right now and the ideas that I have are being heard and being integrated into the show and talked about. Not all of them are. Some of them aren’t and some might never be, but it’s a pretty great place to work.

It seems like everywhere online that I go to and everyone that I talk to, which is a lot of people, Lucha Underground got a lot of heat in not a lot of time. First of all, I’m curious as to how it was pitched to you. It’s certainly unique, it’s not just another wrestling organization it combines wrestling and film, it’s produced by Mark Burnett and Robert Rodriguez. How did they bring it to you?

The head writer of the show Christopher DeJoseph, the other writers Chris Roach, Matt Stollman are guys that I worked with in WWE, writers I got along with very well. Chris DeJoseph was talking to me about Lucha a few months before we started. First, he tells me he’s gonna write for a wrestling production in LA and I’m like “great, let me know when it happens.” A month later he’s like “it’s still happening” and I’m like “great, let me know when it happens.” Wrestling promotions, there’s a lot of people that talk about a lot of stuff and a lot of it never really happens. Then maybe a few weeks before we started he calls me up and says “hey this thing is really happening and I want you to come by the office and talk to me about signing for this. I want to put you in contact with the producer and the casting director.” And I was like, “alright let’s check this place out.” So I went by the office and saw the set and it was in this building I had done a movie in two years prior with Danny Trejo and Melina and they had transformed this warehouse into a Lucha Underground temple with the ring and the stadium seats and the office. The studio office that wasn’t in the temple was in this very nice building in Santa Monica and when I saw that I thought “holy shit, this is a very real deal.” Robert Rodriguez is behind it. They’re talking about a lot of the things I wish WWE had done more of as far as filming the vignettes in more of a TV/film type of way. When I saw that I was very interested. I get to wrestle in my hometown. The temple is ten minutes away from my house. I’m a big fan of Lucha and the other people involved. I’m excited to work with Chavo, with Big Rick, with Blue Demon Jr. All the AAA guys I didn’t even know at the time but I know now and I’m really happy to have a chance to work with all of them. Yeah, it’s been a really awesome thing.

A lot more is discussed in the interview including where he grew up, comedy, Out of Your Mind Fitness, dream opponents & more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.