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From his high-flying skills to his ability to make you laugh, John Hennigan is an all around great guy. From wrestler (also comedian), as well as a fitness magician, John has stepped into several amazing roles throughout his career.
The Guru of Greatness
Real Name: John Randall Hennigan
WWE Ring Name: John Morrison
Birthday: October 3, 1979 (35)
Born/Billed: Los Angeles, California
Weight/Height: 6'1"/224 LBS
Trained: SPW staff, Tough Enough III trainers, and OVW Staff
Wrestling Debut: January 27, 2003
WWE Debut: April 2005
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Upcoming Appearances
October 8, 2016: European Pro Wrestling- Rome, Italy
October 27, 2016: Flying Chuck Improv- Hollywood, CA

Stay tuned for more appearances to be announced.
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Category: Lucha Underground Results
Author: Joey     Date: September 30th, 2016     Filed In: Lucha Underground Results

Here are Lucha Underground Results from this past Wednesday night, courtesy of Wrestlezone:

Third Match: Sexy Star, Aerostar, Drago and Fenix vs. Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, PJ Black and Taya Valkyrie) in a Atomicos Match

Referee Marty Elias holds Sexy Star back away from Valkyrie. Valkyrie and Star starts off this match. Valkyrie slaps Star. Star ducks a clothesline from Valkyrie. Valkyrie drops Star with a shoulder tackle. Star bulldogs Valkyrie. Star with a boot to the face followed by a hurricanrana off the top rope. Drago and Evans are tagged in. Evans cartwheel’s around the ring. Evans tags in Black. Black kicks Drago in the gut. Drago connects with a spinning hurricanrana. Drago with a leg sweep to Black. Drago catapults Black into a forearm from Aerostar. Aerostar with a flying crossbody to Black. Black knocks Drago off the ring apron. Black tags in Mundo. Mundo with a side kick to the head of Aerostar.

Mundo sends Aerostar to the ring apron. Aerostar with a headbutt to the midsection of Mundo. Aerostar follows that up with a springboard missile dropkick. Aerostar tags in Fenix. Mundo from out of nowhere superkick’s Fenix. Fenix with a thrust kick to the midsection of Mundo. Fenix follows that up with a vicious kick to the head. Fenix with a running leg lariat to Mundo in the corner. Fenix tags in Star. Star with a leg drop to Mundo. Worldwide Underground triple teams Star in the corner. Evans with a flying forearm to the gut of Star. Evans with a elbow drop to Star. Evans with a flying headbutt to the leg of Star. Evans tags in Valkyrie. Valkyrie with a series of running elbows to Star in the corner. Valkyrie follows that up with a running double knee strike in the corner. Valkyrie tags back in Mundo. Mundo with a haymaker to the gut of Star.
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Author: Joey     Date: June 2nd, 2016     Filed In: Lucha Underground Results

Here are Lucha Underground Results from June 1st. Thanks to WrestleZone for the recap-

Second Match: PJ Black, Jack Evans and Johnny Mundo (c) w/Taya vs. Rey Mysterio, Dragon Azteca Jr and Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Trio’s Championship 

Black and Mysterio starts off the match. Black with a side headlock. Both men the ropes and Black drops Mysterio with a shoulder tackle for a two count. Mysterio with a roll through and lands a side kick to the head of Black. Mysterio with a modified hurricanrana. Mysterio lands a series of right hands to Black in the corner. Black presses Mysterio on his shoulders. Mundo and Evans distracts the referee while Black low blows Mysterio. Evans, Mundo and Black triple teams Mysterio. Black tags in Evans. Evans with a standing moonsault for a two count. Evans tags in Mundo. Mundo creates separation. Mundo lands a series of forearms to the back of Mysterio’s head. Mundo with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Mysterio plants Mundo with the DDT. Evans and Puma are tagged in. Puma with a dropkick that sends Evans to the corner. Puma with a Northern Lights Suplex to Mundo. Puma and Azteca drops Evans with a pair side kicks.

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Author: Joey     Date: April 28th, 2016     Filed In: Lucha Underground Results

Here are results from last night’s Lucha Underground on the ElRey network, courtesy of WrestleZone. If you haven’t checked the match out yet, make sure you do.

First Match: Johnny Mundo w/Taya Valkyrie vs. Brian Cage in a Steel Cage Match For One Of The Aztec Medallions

Mundo and Cage exchange in a series of back and forth right hands. Cage tosses Mundo to the corner. Cage lands ten consecutive punches to Mundo in the corner. Cage drops Mundo with a clothesline. Roll through and Mundo tries to escape the steel cage. Mundo with a dropkick to Cage. Cage responds with a dropkick of his own. Cage sends Mundo face first to the steel. The believers ask for one more time and Cage launches Mundo again to the steel. Cage presses Mundo in the air and throws Mundo rib first to the steel. Cage with the Chainlink for a two count. Cage sends Mundo shoulder first to the steel ring post. Cage jams Mundo’s face onto the steel. Cage ascends to the top of the steel cage. Mundo and Cage battle for position on the top rope. Mundo sends Cage crashing crotch first to the rope.

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Author: Joey     Date: July 29th, 2015     Filed In: Lucha Underground Results, Morrison News

Here are results from the July 22 episode of Lucha Underground, courtesy of Wrestling Inc-

Johnny Mundo vs. Texano

Mundo gets a mixed reaction. Crowd seems majorly into Texano though. Mundo trash talks Texano a bit. Lock up to start. Mundo throws Texano into the corner and goes after his leg with a vengeance. Texano is really selling it. Mundo pokes Texano’s eyes and drags him outside and continues to brutalize him all around the temple. Texano fights back with chops. Mundo comes back with an enziguri. Texano goes for a powerbomb but Mundo counters with a Russian leg sweep. Mundo goes for the end of the world but Texano escapes. The goons hit the ring and attack Texano for the disqualification. Del Rio shows up and attacks them. Texano whips the heels to send them on their way.

Author: Joey     Date: July 13th, 2015     Filed In: Lucha Underground Results

Here are this past weeks Lucha Underground results, courtesy of Wrestling Inc

Team El Patron vs. Team Mundo

The bell rings. We start with Mundo vs. Alberto, but Mundo quickly tags in Evans. The go after each other with slaps and chops. Alberto shoves him into the corner and starts beating him badly. Aerostar gets in and joins the assault with several vicious kicks. Evans manages to tag in Superfly. Drago tags in. Superfly tags Hernandez in and Drago and Hernandez are in there now. Alberto in, he goes after Mundo who runs away from him. Aerostar goes up top and takes out Evans and Superfly with a dive. Drago and Super Sexy also go up top and take out Team Mundo with dives. Alberto goes up top but Mundo stops him. Alberto chases him to the back. Mundo comes back though to watch his guys beatdown Aerostar. Mundo tags in and goes after Aerostar. Aerstar fights back and Sexy Star is in. Hernandex goes after her but Drago takes him out. El Patron gets in and runs wild but Mundo hits the End of the World to take him out. Mundo and Star and still legal and Mundo rolls her up, using her tights.

Winner: Team Mundo

Author: Joey     Date: June 26th, 2015     Filed In: Lucha Underground Results

Sorry for being really late on this guys, been a hectic week! The match is a really good, must watch match! Anyways, here are the results, courtesy of WrestlingInc.com-

Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma in an Iron Man Match for the Lucha Underground title

A lock up starts things. Crowd is strongly behind Puma. Mundo’s in control as Puma fights back and tries to go after Mundo’s leg. Enziguri by Mundo. Puma gets kicked and falls out of the ring. Mundo goes for a dive but misses. Puma dominates. We heard for Commercial.

We’re back and Puma is going for the pin. They brawl some more, Puma gets the first pin with a school boy roll up. Mundo is seething. Puma continues on the offense and hits a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Puma goes on top but Mundo counters with a dropkick. Puma hits a running cutter but Mundo uses the ropes to get his pin. It’s allowed because of the No DQ rules. It is now 1-1.

Both men rest for a few seconds then face off again. Mundo then goes viciously after Puma in an attempt to dominate him. Both men fight in the corner. A stunning hurricanrana by Puma. Both guys are out of the ring now. Mundo grabs a chair and a toolbox from under the ring. He tries to powerbomb Puma on the box but Puma counters and slams Mundo off of the box instead. Mundo grabs a crowbar and hits multiple shots to Puma. Mundo throws him in the ring for the three count. He hits the moonlight drive for another pin. Mundo continues to brutalize him and Puma can hardly stand without help. He hits the end of the world or another pin. It’s now 4-1. Striker mentions the dangerous of concussions to the audience. Puma has a break for a few seconds and hits DDT but Mundo gets to the ropes. Mundo is back on the offense and he hits a vicious neckbreaker on Puma as as we head to break. Man, Puma is getting absolutely brutalized here.

We come back and Mundo is grabbing the ladder. He hits Puma on the head with it. Mundo sets up the ladder near the balcony. Mundo gets up on the ladder for a dive but Puma interrupts him and slams him onto the floor. The two men then fight in the crowd. Puma gets back over the rail and grabs the tables and starts piling them up. He stacks up 4 tables in all and goes to suplex Mundo through them but Mundo escapes and kicks Puma to the ground. Mundo gets back on the ladder and grabs the mic. He reminds everyone how far ahead he is. He tells the band to play some music while he drinks water and chills out for the next 13 minutes.

Puma gets up, hits Mundo with a 2×4. Then he grabs a guitar from the band and hits Mundo with that too. Jeff Jarrett should due for gimmick infringement. The fans go nuts. Puma spears Mundo through the tables. Puma eventually manages to throw Mundo in the ring and gets a three count, closing the gap. Mundo gets up and fights back. Puma hits a driver for another two count. The score is 4-3. Mundo tries to leave, seemingly trying to fight the clock. Puma chases him all over the place.

Alberto interrupts the match and attacks Mundo, throwing him into the announcing table and on the steps. He says his issues with Mundo aren’t over yet. He throws him back into the ring and Puma hits a cradle shock for the one-two-three. Alberto gets on the mic and says he’ll fight both Mundo and Puma in the future.

Mundo and Puma get back to their feet and exchange moves. There’s a rush of pin attempts but neither man gets the three count. With only a few seconds to go, Puma hits a dropkick and nails his finisher for the pin. He wins and is still champion. Superb match and one people should go out of their way to see.

Winner: Puma